The Pattaya Boxing World stadium was the comfortably air-conditioned venue for the Thai Boxing Fight Night for charity on Wednesday 13. February 2013. The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was the organizer for this fundraiser, to gather donations for the ‘Pattaya Redemptorist School and Home for the Blind’ on Soi 16 off Naklua Road. The stadium was packed with people, most of them members of various motorcycle clubs gathering in Pattaya for the Bike Festival taking place at Silver Lake Vineyards on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th of February.

The Pattaya Redemptorist School for the Blind is one of eleven schools for blind and visually impaired children in the Kingdom of Thailand. It was founded in 1986 by the Catholic priest Father Ray Brennan, with the help of Mrs. Aurora Sribuapan, a social worker who is herself blind, and who is now the head teacher of the school This school has educated over five hundred blind and visually impaired children since its opening, and its graduates have found good employment, and are able to live an independent life.